Ritual Goods

When we talk about ritual-type products, what we're thinking of are products that distract the mind for long enough to be meditative. Newsfeeds are filled with stories posing the question 'Is burnout real?' The answer is obviously, yes.

As business owners, it can be difficult to switch off the mind at any point during the day for a needed break. So when we developed out ritual goods, when focused on products that we use in our own lives for positive distraction.

Meditation is perhaps the best way to take a mental break. Many people can't focus (or lose focus, depending on your technique) to perceive the benefits. But, we really only need a good three minutes to have a meditative experiences.

We offer three lines of ritual goods to help distract you from a busy day:  visual art, loose leaf tea, and smudge products. We encourage you to develop a ritual that means something to you. It need not be overly complicated; in fact, if you think about it, you probably have rituals in your daily life already--you just need to cultivate them and turn it into a mindfulness experience.

Here's an example of one our rituals:

Morning: Blend a cup of loose leaf tea. Scoop out the tea leaves, boil the hot water, steep the tea for 3 minutes (and importantly, watching the tea steep for 3 minutes). Then drinking the tea and appreciating all the labor that went into this cup.

Evening: A relaxing soak in the bath. You can read about our Bath Goods here, but baths can be very beneficial. Warm water opens you pores which allows coconut oil from our products to seep in. Not to mention the aromatherapy from the essential oils. And the salts work to relax tensioned muscles. To make it worthwhile, it is recommended spending at least twenty minutes in the tub. Which equates to a 20-minute escape from reality.

Once or twice a week: Smudging. We use Palo Santo from our Thoughtful Ritual Kit. We also offer a Yerba Sante smudge. Whichever you use, it's important to be thoughtful and mindful of why you're filling your space with white smoke. This is a clearing exercise. We use it after cooking a big meal or cleaning. The smoke resets the energy in a room, so you can enjoy your space without feeling overwhelmed. And, yes, it works!