Dry Brine by Wah Gwan

- Instructions *Use as a dry brine; Dry brining simply put is the process of salting food and letting it rest for a period of time before cooking. You can brine your protein by coating the exterior of the meat with the brine and let sit in the fridge overnight. This locks in moisture and adds flavor. This is how I cook my thanksgiving turkey! *Wet brine; Mix the brine with water and soak overnight. Wet brines will allow the flavor to penetrate into your meat or vegetables and it adds moisture as you cook. *Cook with it; When using dry brine for cooking, use brine just as you would salt. Use it to salt your cooking water, season your meat, or add to the table for use as a finishing salt. Ingredients; salt, star anise, coriander, bay leaf, juniper, thyme, and fennel. Does not contain nuts, gluten, dairy, msg, and artificial colors or flavors. Size - 4oz.