Refillable Candles

  • $30.00

Use. Refill. Reuse.

Refillable is the new recyclable!

These gorgeous metal vessels are perfect for multiple uses, and they won't break in transit!

Available in our most popular seasonal scents, these candles come pre-packaged with a return label. So, when you're done, pack it up, ship it back, and we'll refill it for you in the same scent, or a different one.

Refills priced at $15 (includes shipping).


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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a proprietary blend of soy wax and coconut wax. Everyone knows soy, but coconut is a much more superior wax. Coconut burns slower (increasing burn times) and holds scent better (making the candle more fragrant). Coconut is also much more environmentally friendly than soy wax. The end result produces a candle that lasts longer and burns stronger than 100% soy.

In a sense, yes and no. All of our fragrances are made from perfume-grade oils. So, they're made with natural elements (like essential oils) but put together by chemists. But, don't worry. Our oils are of such high quality, they're body and skin-safe, and we use them to also make perfume.

We work with some of the top fragrance manufacturers in the country to supply our "scent lab". There, we blend, mix, match, and create the scents that end up in our products.