Palo Santo Ritual Kit


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I started using Palo Santo sticks in the studio to help clear the air after a long day of candle making. The history of Palo Santo is very interesting and intriguing. The wood itself is also very interesting--it's one of the few woods whose smoke has a clearing effect while being burned. Most smoke is considered dark, congesting, and constricting... not Palo Santo. 

In crafting our Thoughtful Ritual Kit, I took aspects of my life that were important to me and developed a mini-ritual around the various elements of water, earth, wind, and fire. I hope you find the kit to be uplifting and inspirational. 

Water: Represented in the oyster shell. A tribute to my home state of Louisiana.

Earth: Brought to the forefront with cypress essential oils and pink Himalayan sea salt. The cypress essential oils is anti-inflammatory and wonderfully calming. Pink Himalayan salt pulls in and collects negative energy. 

Air: Palo santo's smoke is ironically purifying. When burning the sticks, it's important to do so methodically. Hold the stick in your hand and wave the smoke around you. Direct the smoke to purge your space of anxious thoughts. 

Fire: Burning the stick is the catalyst for the rest of the process. I find fire fascinating and watching the resinous wood catch fire is relaxing in its own way.

Suggested Instructions: Every ritual is unique to each person. What works for me, may not work for you. So, the following is a suggestion for how to use your kit. Using the oyster shell, scoop out some salt. Place on a flat surface. Place the remaining Palo Santo and amethyst crystal on the table forming a triangle with the oyster shell. Using an open flame, preferably from a candle, light a Palo Santo stick. Watch the flame engulf the wood. Blow out the flame and methodically move the smoke around you and throughout your space. When done, place the burning stick on the pile of sea salt to "burn away” collected the negative energy.

When your Palo Santo has burned through, you may take a handful of the salts and toss into a warm bath. 

Thoughtfully made by Old City Canning Co., Phila., PA

Contains between 4-5 sticks of responsibly-sourced Palo Santo wood.

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