Blind Tiger Coffee - Yabitu Koba

Hi there my wonderful frenz. You ready? It's Ethiopia time. Just in time for "the holidays" and the beginning of a new year...exciting stuff. This is our first installment of coffee from Ethiopia and it hails from the municipality of Uraga in the Guji Zone... home of some intensely wonderful coffees. More specifically this coffee is the result of a few smallholder farmers in the hamlet of Yabitu Koba, which sits high in the sky, between 2000-2250 MASL. Why do we love coffee from Uraga? What's so intense? They are floral-perfumy as well with beautiful stone fruity aromatics. How does this happen? Dunno. Could be the varieties we now know to grow here: Dega and Kurume. It could also be the steeroir and the processing specs. Either way, this coffee is awesome.